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Comments made by spawn7

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May 16, 2011

They need to ease up on Mason. Between the two shoots that I've seen her in, she has pushed her limits way harder than any other standard-porn-based newbie. I'm sure part or all of this is at the direction of the starlet, so start a little tamer, Mason, and escalate! I'm sure they'll have you back to push it further next time!

Everything Butt
Apr 29, 2011

This just might be the hottest scene ever done on any Kink site. ever.

Whipped Ass
Aug 13, 2010

Great shoot and model, but camera should never be placed like it was for the Mamba (the one with the flat bench), where we can't see her face 80% of the time. I understand not wanting to stick the camera in her face, but a different angle would have doubled the heat of that scene. Like most comments to Kink, this is a complaint that I would bury in a field of praise.

Fucking Machines
Aug 6, 2010

I've seen Aurora truly lose her marbles elsewhere (non-Kink) only once, and even that time was at the hands of a Kink-alum and a Kink HOFer! Keep up the great work like this.

Fucking Machines
Jun 4, 2010

How about "like a freight train driven by in she's cumming off the rails..."? (Leave no bad pun or euphemism....uh.....behind.)

Fucking Machines
Jun 1, 2010

I'm glad that you guys get her shtick. Despite the artificial anatomy, she's a sexual force of nature, and I'm glad that you guys look deep enough to realize that. uh...or something like that.

Fucking Machines
May 13, 2010

Nothing against some recent shoots that you've split into a bunch of pieces, but I could use about 5 more pieces this size with these two ladies and some more machines. I'm glad to see a little context integrated back into the FM shoots with some capable and incredibly sexy ladies to realize the scene's potential.

Fucking Machines
Mar 10, 2010

This girl is a natural. Bring her back for any sites you can get her to do.

Fucking Machines
Apr 10, 2009

So stoked to see these two together. Sinn is a fave, please do more with her. Jade is one of the best newbies, ditto request. Would love to see FM shoot with either/both.

Whipped Ass
Nov 15, 2008


Whipped Ass