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Comments made by brabrady

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Dec 5, 2007

WTF "CollectorOfWomen"? There is a person on the other end of your comment. What's the matter with you? Hopefully Tomcat will remove your thoughtless post. You and your wanked crank should be so lucky as to have a night with a girl like this, I'm sure.

Fucking Machines
May 2, 2007

yay first. looks hot

Fucking Machines
Oct 2, 2007

Holy cow. You should make this clip free. People would cum back from the dead to buy a subscription after viewing this. Unbelievable. You'd need 10 servers to handle the traffic. Wow. 5 seems an insult for this shoot.

Apr 29, 2005

In light of G-Force's post on 4/28, I will try to make this comment as respectfully as possible, while making it insightful, as well. I have been a member for (If I recall correctly) over a year, on-and off at first, and "on" for much of the past year. From viewing most of the earlier videos, as well as the new ones each week, it seems to me that the "mission" and "vision" of the site, if you will, has changed. Since I cannot locate a “mission statement� for, I base my conclusion on the content of the videos most recently posted. In the beginning, it seemed that most of the emphasis was on filming girls as they were being fucked by machines. As always, different members had different ideas: heels/no heels, anal/no anal were topics of much contention. But at least when the members tuned in to an update, they could be reasonably sure that they would see machines fucking women, with no guys (fucksall an exception) in the shoot, and usually plenty of orgasms that at least did not seem acted, for the most part. Certainly there was nothing (or VERY little) resembling torture, bondage, deep-throating dildos, whipping, cow-milking apperati, etc. I suspect that this sense of continuity and reliability had cultivated a loyal following; whether or not members found a given model appealing, at least they knew what they were going to get as far as the action was concerned, and while certain models drew better reviews than others, more often than not this was a result of their reactions to the machines, not the shoot itself. Lately, there has been more controversy than I can ever recall, not over the models, but over the shoots themselves. I attribute this to the fact that emphasis is being taken AWAY from the models and their reactions to the machines, and instead placed onto a variety of fetishes, each of which may appeal to only a small fraction of fuckingmachine’s fan base. Thus, while in the past each shoot may have scored (say, on a scale of 1 to 100) between 65 and 90 for almost all fans, now each shoot scores between 90 and 100 for a very few fans (which change from shoot to shoot, depending on the fetish) and between 0 and 30 for the other fans. Given that there are already many fetish sites available from Cybernet entertainment, I cannot understand the reasoning behind this. One of the things I actually LIKE (or, liked) about fuckingmachines was the relative absence other fetishes… the site was about machine fucking, hot, non-pornstar models, and honest orgasms, plain and simple… and it was unique among websites for this reason. Now the vision and mission seems to have become muddled, in my mind to the detriment of the site.

Fucking Machines
Apr 27, 2005

At least you guys didn't pay for a year's membership, like I did.

Fucking Machines