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Comments made by sallust

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Dec 27, 2004

Fantastic set. I just love watching Shannon in action.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 22, 2004

A sensational set. Can't find words to express my admiration - just keep at it!

Fucking Machines
Sep 6, 2004

Really enjoyed this set. For me the interview is great and hit just the right tone and I love the way Bella asks how to get on the machines etc - sounds natural. She has a great body and face, and keeping her stockings on throughout the shoot was just awesome. More like this please

Fucking Machines
May 10, 2004

This couple are seriously hot and EXTREMELY horny! Not much acting here! My concentration on the beautiful Lisa with her gorgeous tits and ass was interrupted only by the magnificently equipped Marco. What does that guy eat for breakfast to get a huge cock like that that doesnt seem to go down even when hes cum! Good photography too, with a nice balance between closeups of overheated genitalia and longer shots of panting, straining bodies! Let's have more of them: Lisa wearing just black holdups maybe - and how about cumming in her pussy Marco, and then squeezing it out for us Lisa?

Real Fucking Couples
May 14, 2004

wolle does raise an interesting point. In the late 80s I worked at a clinic where we had a facility for videoing couples as part of relationship counselling. The way it was done was to mock up part of a room within a tent of muslin. If you flood the interior of the tent with light but leave the area outside pitch black, you can see clearly what is going on inside, but the people inside have very little awareness of what is going on outside (the lights can be outside too). We would then video the action, moving the camera around the outside of the tent into whatever position was required. The only drawback was that it was rather bright inside the tent, but we found that most people did acclimatise to it and behaved very naturally indeed. Just watch the heat of the lamps on the fabric of the tent!!!

Real Fucking Couples
Apr 4, 2004

Yes I agree with previous comments: this shoot is ultimately a bit disappointing. Dragonlily is fantastic on the Sybian - wonderful to watch her grinding her box on that greasy pad! But for much of the time she seems to be trying to work herself up enough to take in the tool and hardly gets beyond the starting blocks! Dragon has a fab body with great hips and legs, and it would fab to see her taking a heavy pounding - you feel that in the right mood her orifices would really open and she'd really let go. Why did she take her stockings off by the way? You look great in stockings Dragon!

Fucking Machines
Mar 18, 2004

Fantastic set - even better than the last one with Venus - maybe because she is naked most of the time! With a body like hers what's the point of clothes?! Venus, your pelvic movement is sensational - would love to see you at work with a couple of really fit guys with monster cocks ...

Fucking Machines
Nov 19, 2003

With a good looking girl who is fascinated by the machines this should have been a killer set, but I found it a bit disappointing. Though Jamie says she came lots of times she didn't really seem to let herself go - it was more like a test drive than the real thing! I think she only really gets off with a lot of clitoral stimulation - unlike some girls who get off with the penetration and ramming!

Fucking Machines
Nov 13, 2003

Fantastic set! This girl is the perfect physical specimen for experimenting with machines and extreme sexual practices. She has strong legs, solid hips, perfect ass and breasts and genitals that come right out of a medical textbook. You can see every detail of her clitoris and labia, swollen and greased up to the maximum. Its incredible to see and hear her body absorbing the massive punishment from the monster and intruder. Lets see Jenni back - how about with a another girl?

Fucking Machines
Nov 9, 2003

This is a fantastic set. No acting here - shade's grunts and cries are really sexy and i love the way her body writhes as the shocks go through her. Chanta looks fab sitting open legged on the counter. Only thing missing in my book is chanta should have opened her bladder and let a stream of piss arch out onto shade and all over the floor - though what that would have done to the electricity im not sure ...

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