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Comments made by rismonite

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Feb 16, 2005

Wow I've finally gotten the chance to make the gay little 'first' comment... I think I'll go get my lotion now...

Fucking Machines
Jan 23, 2005

Haven't watched, subtle is nice, obvious/fake isn't.... Whatever happened to attachments on Sybian? We just have a string of girls that hate'em or what? Wands.... Doesn't bother me really.... My only complaint might include just 'teasing' with the machine instead of getting fucked by it. But you can't ask'em to let us tie'em down were they can't go anywhere and.....

Fucking Machines
Jan 3, 2005

Whinners, take out your work related stress somewhere else *lol*. I got a kick out of what I've seen so far *modem user*. While on things like the soundfucker and fuckzall you don't seem to see all the action, some might wonder if you could see those missing frames at higher detail**Cough* Don't forget *cough*modem users *Cough**. Sometimes women that look more down to earth than some of the 'reinforced' supermodels is a -great- change. But my tastes could be skewed, I get a thrill out of anything that is women.

Fucking Machines
Dec 13, 2004

"I just don't want the machine to go beserk on me" *lol* does she know she's entertaining a camera that wants to see at least 200 strokes a minute on dildo spinning like a top? I'm on a modem so it takes days to get the whole movie, but after she says "I didn't think I was gonna cum" I hope you guys let her have it... Anyway, she's hot... No dissapointment there... The monster scene was good *just not at the fast pounding pace the regulars go at it...* Though I still like my memebership here, I also kind of like it when the girl doesn't run the control *Though many seem to differ*.

Fucking Machines
Nov 21, 2004

Overall I think it was a positive shoot. But, If I had to complain about something... Every homophobic guy here complains about the man in the scene, no biggie to me, as long as your hairy ass ain't in the way of the action. The sybian, gotta try to get new girls to try the Sybian, they do the craziest orgasmic shit on it. Anyway, I was expecting you to unleash the full potential of the CP for at least a few seconds... *Sigh* These are only the negatives though, many positives in it's place...

Fucking Machines
Oct 29, 2004

They looked like they had alot of fun with this one, I and i liked it to :) ... White Girls?? Geez man it's the new age *All of'em pink inside?*... These girls better than -alot- of the white girls. *Was the fucksaw there, must have missed it.* *PLEASE REMEBER TO VOTE NOV 2!!!(and hopefully for Kerry)* -Virginian for a Democratic Virginia-

Fucking Machines
Sep 11, 2004

I like it when you guys bring in girls that haven't dealt with machines before. Sometimes, somegirls, can pull off a costume shoot and it seems to work better *As opposed to what a new girl might have done with a *completly* nude shoot* From where I'm standing she looks like a very attractive model, if I ran playboy mansion though I might say something mean like "You should have also casted her with a mask for her face." but... I pay for awesome orgasims, not playbunnies. You might try a veteran in a shoot with a new girl, get the vet to intimidate the hell out of her with the machines. And while I'm rambling, when you do new girls, you got to try the Sybian, only because it's like a vibrator on steroids, and I think all women can relate to a vibrator.

Fucking Machines
Aug 1, 2004

Jasonite&gt&gt Webmaster has always asked us to post our very narrow likes and opinions, not broaden our mind to something we may not like. --Hairy Cunts&gt&gt Someone made this comment *no please* This site is my favorite for 2 reasons: no Hairy ass man, this would mean "No Men" and "No Hairy Asses" *My thoughts*. Anyway, I don't post much, the real reason why I posted... Did you guys ever think of a downloadable screensaver/Background. *Seriously* I'm lucky enough to work in an office where the women/men don't care about the pornagraphic images on my computer *It's art here*. Something small like that might go far for advertising.. *Does anyone here send pornagraphic haha's to your friends in the e-mail?* My *female* coworker walked up on me while I was viewing Veronica's shoot *clip 17, I think*, She commented Veronica on being a good artist. I said "At what?.. Acting for the Camera", my coworker said no "Enjoying Orgasms in Unusual ways"... Just think how many more co-workers *of mine at least* might spark interest if they saw a screen saver while I was at lunch or something. *I learned about this site from the HBO special, I figure you guys have to have an advertising kick so I thought I'd throw this out there... ANYWAY on this shoot-- I like'em fast and hard *The longer it's fast and hard the better* But I really like this model's skin tone and expressions...

Fucking Machines