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Mar 14, 2006

Yea, if you’re looking for thick girls, you best look elsewhere. Seriously.

Ultimate Surrender
Sep 1, 2005

RED, you’re a total Idiot. Isis gave it her best, and other word to the contrary and your OUT. Any one who watched the match know Isis tried. Nina IS TOUGH. She is Stronger then any of you think. She is tall and muscle is heavy. Isis is fast but when you give up almost 30 lbs to an experienced wrestler you better look out. Watch your step RED your on my list. I'm leaving this up so Isis can see it and comment. The part that really pisses me off is Isis is the cleanest girl I know, and nothing is ever staged her at US. AS for most Site avoiding Spoilers WHAAAA. If you look back I avoid letting you know who wins when I can. This match there was no option. So get a clue before you type.

Ultimate Surrender
Jun 7, 2005

What’s with the shoes? Well if you would look at the forums, (yes we have them) you would have seen a nice thread on why we needed to go to the wrestling shoes. But I'll summarize just this once. We had many injuries to the toes of the wrestlers. Isis broken toe, Jessica dislocated toe. Jenni Lee Sprained toe, and other toe injuries. The shoes eliminate 100% of these types of injuries. Now I’m sorry if it is a turn off but the safety of the wrestlers comes before ANYTHING else. Thanks for understanding, I know you don’t want to see these girls injured, right?

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 28, 2005

After reading your other posts I realized you’re defiantly an Amazon fan, and possibly jaded? Wrestling is wrestling, and the Amazon got her assed kick by a smaller girl. Hollie, if she wanted could better herself. If any one wants to work on there own time to improve their skills (like Isis is) then they have my utmost respect. If The Amazon thinks she can just waltz in and beat people with her size, then she needs yet another lesson. The Amazon is one of my quickest learners and a great competitor, but just showing up will not get the championship belt on you, ask Dragon she also works hard on her free time.

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 14, 2005

Henry, That is a very interesting idea, one I think that deserves a test run. I’ll try it in a rd 3, and see what happens. I’m afraid that it might turn in to just a make out session, however with your idea of how to handle the points, you might be right on the top wrestlers moving to a different hold. I would make it so if the bottom wrestler is getting in any sex action the top wrestlers can earn NO points, and in theory will try a different hold. Nice work Henry!

Ultimate Surrender
Apr 30, 2006

marleneke - c'est un supplémentaire film! je ne comprends pas vous commentaire " male webmaster"? Mais, la semaine prochaine c'est une heure! Tomcat

Fucking Machines
May 10, 2006

I would have to say if you are looking at the set instead of the girl, you’re getting a little bored with it all. That’s OK. I got bored with Playboy. When I did I did not complain to Playboy. Hogtied is a stepping stone. Human nature is to always need more. The web is a huge place. If it is starting to bore you, take a break, go out and see what else is offered, then when you seen and done that stop back by. We do not do brutal beatings, and high impact play. Hogtied is about the sexual side if BDSM, it say so everywhere. If you like the Dungeon set check out some of our other sites, they like to use it a lot, and I'm trying to look a little different then the rest, doesn't always work but I try. The point is, Hogtied hasn't changed much since I started and it is not going to. Every day millions of people find bondage, and turn 18, and we are here for them, if you get to "bored" of site move on, and come back when you get bored of something else. I can not please all of you but I can please most of you. Now go and enjoy the beautiful bondage girl :)

Apr 5, 2006

Herbert: Wow, if you’re that jaded it is time to move on. There are some nice shots in this update. I feel for your loss :(

Feb 15, 2006

DRSCUBA If you’re going to take the effort to post, why not post useful information, instead of a 3rd grade response. Why in your opinion was it lame? This way we can better understand what our customers like. If anything was lame it was your comment.

Feb 14, 2006

See ya. I wish you luck finding what you truly need to satisfy your needs. I couldn’t exactly find what I liked to the see, so you should do what I did. Do it yourself, it is the only way you will truly be happy I’m afraid. Christina rocks!!!

Sep 21, 2005

WHY? Please tell us royals, why? If you’re going to take the time to post, then take the time to post something useful. We cannot get better with uninformed comments like that.

Jul 15, 2005

Fisting is on the list of things our credit card company’s will not lets us do. If we do this we will lose our merchant account and we lose the ability to take any type of credit card for payment. The merchant accounts we have are trusted and honest, we cannot afford to lose them. Insex lost theirs, then got a oversees one that after 3 months dropped them with out warning and basically stole their money. If you want to know why the credit card companies are censoring us you only need to look at the pressure the government puts on them to do so. Back door censorship is alive and well in this country.

May 19, 2004

You know that word “respect” is a powerful word. People use it at will to make a point and most people can never defend themselves against it. The word “respect” can be related to the word “obscene” Who judges that is obscene? Who judges what is respectful? Most feminists would say just showing a naked girls body is disrespectful. The moral majority is the first to speak out saying that girls do not respect themselves if they pose nude, what does that mean? What is the definition of respect? For that matter what is the definition of obscene? Respectful and Obscene who judges? Does Ashcroft judge what is obscene; do you judge what is disrespectful? Trying to use the “respect” card on me is purely a matter of subjective differences. If you find this site not to your taste anymore that is fine, E-mail me tomorrow and I will happily return you money.

Aug 21, 2006

sounds fun feetlove!

Water Bondage
Jul 11, 2006

I'm a "women only" kinda guy snafubar but "I love you man!!!" Oh and the new dunking rule updates are coming very soon. 20 second dunks!!

Water Bondage