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Comments made by teddybare

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Feb 20, 2013

nice bonus update! pictures are working fine for me btw

Divine Bitches
Jan 16, 2013

Great shoot Bobbi! One of the best in a while I think. I really liked the setting and the roleplay domination (and also that it was a full length shoot). I liked the stunt-cock as well, he was very much unpersonified, I don't think you ever saw his face. In the forum I voted for the boy experiment as I was curious how it would work, and I think it has, except for some short parts where there was just fucking or sucking, and no electro involved. I think electro should always be the main thing and the dick be like bondage, only adding to the intensity of the electro. The main stay of this site should remain Lesbian Electro, but thank you for the experiment, and please keep experimenting once in a while. On the negative comments (and perhaps this is for the forum, but as not everyone reads them), lighten up! It's good that you voice your negative opinion, but does it have to be done this extreme? If this was the 3rd shoot this month with a dick in it, OK, but it's very clear that this a special shoot and it doesn't affect the normal format. It's called a feature shoot, it's longer than the usual shoot, the Cock is mentioned in the description and clearly visible in the 'pictogram' of the shoot. It's one in a 150 shoots yearly, so if only 1 percent of the members would like to see a dick in a shoot, it would be sufficient to justify this experiment. It's a bit unrealistic to expect a 100% satisfaction rate from a site (or anything for that matter). So please show some respect and appreciation for the effort and creativity Bobbi puts in trying to deliver us varied and excellent shoots 3 times a week! At least, I hope that you don't beat your partner up when they try something else for dinner and put up Mongolian food. (Sorry for the rant, I just get increasingly fed up with all the uncensored negativity on the internet)

Electro Sluts
Jan 11, 2013

Thank you Maitresse, I love these POV bonus updates, I'm very grateful to feel part of these scenes.

Divine Bitches
Jan 10, 2013

Thank you Maitresse, I love these POV bonus updates, I'm very grateful to feel part of these scenes.

Divine Bitches
May 1, 2012

Merci beaucoup Maitresse! I love these POV teasers, so thank you for the extra time You are willing to spend on us. I grovel at Your beautiful feet in gratitude.

Divine Bitches
Jan 6, 2012

Cassandra is IMPRESSIVE! So could take so much! Incredible that this was her first time with electro. She wasn't scared at all it seemed, just taking the zapper on her tongue without pulling back... wow! Please have her over again. And Bobbi and Dana are always a treat :)

Wired Pussy
Jan 21, 2011

Thank TC for the quick post. Missed part of the live shoot yesterday, but what I saw was excellent! Natasha is an incredibly hot girl with a stunningly sexy body and combines an eager & fun personality with some shyness and innocence (think Juliette Lewis only better looking). She even sounds great! I enjoyed the shoot immensely and look very much forward to see the edited version. The fact that this is her very first porn shoot, makes it even more hot! I very much hope Natasha will come back to Kink, be it this site or another.

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