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Comments made by MrMan812

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Aug 14, 2011

This is a SPLENDID shoot- Mark at the top of his form, Lila & Anthony excellent additions, and Charlie Chase appears to be an able actress as well as one hawt piece! (Which I knew already!)Can't ask for more than that! (Well, I could, but that would make me a fool!)THANK YOU!!!

Sex And Submission
Mar 18, 2010

This is a FuckingMachines Classic! Brooke's performance is downright VOLCANIC! It's a shame she retired from the Adult industry, but at least we have this performance to return to. I wish I could give this one a SIX- hell, a SIXTEEN!!!!

Fucking Machines
Mar 28, 2009

This one is Truly Outstanding!

Sex And Submission
Jun 9, 2008

Absolutely fuckin' Great!!! This is truly a CLASSIC!! While Raul is a WANKER, he HAS a valid point!! Get higher res & merge the clips!

Fucking Machines
Mar 27, 2008

I really liked this one!!I Don't see what the fuss about Steve's laughing is about- he's obviously enjoying himself! Hell I'D be laughing if I was giving Ruby the Treatment!!! At least he did NOT give her the tired 'count down to cum' routine!! There was a definite playfulness here that I really prize! Steve certainly does the job! AND I'm speaking as a longtime Mark Davis fan!

Sex And Submission