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Comments made by wireman777

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Dec 21, 2008

Loved this!! Thanks

Fucking Machines
Dec 20, 2008

Loved this one! The little minx even got to cum without permission and didn't get punished too much. My GF will LOVE this performance! Good for me! Thanks Ladies!

Whipped Ass
Oct 25, 2008

Another very sexy shoot! Beautiful ladies, inventive bondage and a delightfully mouthy sub! Just missing a hard anal scene, but there is always next time. Thanks

Whipped Ass
Oct 10, 2008

Three beautiful girls! Forced orgasms! Anal!! Fantastic! Thanks, we loved it.

Whipped Ass
Sep 13, 2008

Sandra continues to excite this couple!! Lea is gorgeous and very SEXY!! Thanks

Whipped Ass
Aug 30, 2008

Beautiful work!! Loved the lack of tattoos on the sub. Great orgasms forced on Jaelyn by Bobbie. Bobbie played her like a Stradivarius violin. Very sexy! Thanks

Whipped Ass
Aug 8, 2008

Sandra does it again!! Very sexy shoot. Thanks

Whipped Ass
Jul 26, 2008

Stella is tres yummy! I really liked that tiny look she gives Sandra in the very last second of the shoot! She wants MORE!!

Whipped Ass
Jun 20, 2008

Lovely girls and sexy action!! Thanks

Whipped Ass
Jun 6, 2008

As usual when I watch Claire at work in the beginning I think this girl is being hurt so much she'll never be able to orgasm later. Then Claire works more of her magic and the orgasms start and do not stop! Terrific shoot, thanks!

Whipped Ass
May 29, 2008

Lovely girl who takes her suspension fucking very well. Harmony is not easy on her and she reaps the reward! Thanks again for another exciting shoot!

Whipped Ass
May 23, 2008

Loved the body contrast, position variety and the enthusiastic pussy eating! The clothespin on the tongue was as painful as it looked. Please keep up the great work! Thanks

Whipped Ass
Feb 8, 2008

Fantastic! Could only watch about half right off the bat! Like a great meal the leftovers will be great as well. Thanks

Whipped Ass
Jan 27, 2008

Beautiful ladies, properly creepy sets and very hot action! Great work! Thanks

Whipped Ass
Jan 18, 2008

These two are very hot! Aiden's beautiful bosom could have used a little (lot) of worship, but there is always next time! Great work!

Whipped Ass