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Nov 16, 2008

I just love to watch these first timers. Their reactions are so honest and genuine. That is so sweet. I loved it when she kept arching her back as she felt her orgasm well up inside of her. Keep 'm coming.

Nov 16, 2008

I particularly enjoyed the third scene with the model in an inverted suspension. It allowed enough freedom of movement to see her orgasm progress through its stages. First she arched her back and then tensed up to the point that her but started to quiver. Then you could see her body shake with the successive waves of spasms and contractions. That was hot!

Whipped Ass
Nov 15, 2008

Nice weekend surprise< matt. Thanks. Lisa is a pretty girl and she is strong. Some like it and some do not. At least she tried.

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 13, 2008

What a great match and what an awesome round 4. I have never made a secret of how much I like Alexa and every time I see her, she is even prettier and sexier. Darling obviously has not been sitting idle while on leave and her skill level is impressive and she quickly wore Alexa down. She also sure remembered how to earn style points. Great to have you back Darling. Alexa, you may have lost the match, but you looked so hot in round 4. You are so beautiful when you orgasm. Amazing!

Ultimate Surrender
Nov 10, 2008

I loved this video. I always love to watch the genuine reactions of first timers and her reaction to the Magic Wand was precious. She had marvellous orgasms, one after the other, and they were getting stronger and stronger. She seems to be multi orgasmic. Would love to see her on Hogtied.

Nov 6, 2008

I love her tight young body, her firm tits and her erect nipples. At about the 7min 50 sec mark in the first scene you can see the machine stall out for just a moment which to me indicates that her vagina contracted and if you look closely she seemed definitely to spasm. In some of the scenes it was harder to say if she had an orgasm because of the camera angle. Generally you would want to step back to show most or all of her body when she starts to orgasm, I would think. Anyway, I loved this combination of a gym, exercise machines and a lovely nude girl enjoying herself.

Fucking Machines
Dec 29, 2007

Icarus is very pleased to see James gave you a new Hitachi as he had promised. I can’t help it, but like James I just love watching you orgasm. You do it with great style. Thank you for entertaining me. You are wonderful. Anyway, congratulations. And as James said, you are capable of more than you think you are.

The Training Of O
Dec 26, 2007

bradd818, this is not the place for tech problems - you are better off contacting the techies - click on Forum in the banner along the top of this page and then navigate to Tachnical Support on BehindKink - Jon there usually gets back with you pretty quick.

The Training Of O
Dec 23, 2007

Intense! I agree with Claire, Devaun has nice tits. Then I always love the exercises. Watching her run up and down the stairs with her titties jiggling was hot. Maybe in part because I can identify with that. More so than other aspects of bdsm, to which I am admittedly a stranger. Seeing her break down was an intense experience for me. I have liked Devaun since seeing her for the first time on Device Bondage and I have even more respect for her now. She does indeed suffer beautifully and watching her being forced to orgasm repeatedly was extremely intense. And then to know that she could have used the safe word at any moment to stop her suffering, but did not do so. That smile afterwards told me that you fortunately did not break her spirit.

The Training Of O
Dec 15, 2007

This time a female dom, which is more to my liking, and one of the very best at that. Wonderfull. Scenes I particularly liked were the Crystal Palace fucking machine, the push ups, the Magic Wand and the masturbation scene. Also the close up of her pink and her erect clit. To me Berlin seemed a very sincere and intense model and they threw a lot at her. She is turned on by knowing that she pleases her master. By the way, you were both easy to understand.

The Training Of O
Dec 9, 2007

I just do not care much for b/g and this had a lot of it. We have had quite a bit of b/g off late. I liked the scenes best when the camera zoomed in on Delilah’s face and I could focus just on her. I also liked to see her pussy lips spread so that we could admire her pink and even got a glimpse of her opening. Then I also liked the opening scene when she was ordered to entertain us by masturbating. That was very nice. I also liked the scene where she was forced to squat while pressed against the Magic Wand. That was hot too. Delilah is a very sought after model already and I admire her for wanting to explore bdsm. I expect that James soon discovered that she can use some training in orgasm control. Her orgasms often come on very suddenly and are hard to hold back. However, even though her clit may get very sensitive, she can be forced to orgasm again and again and again…and it is quite spectacular to watch. While I do not like anal much either, she enjoys it very much and even claims to have anal contractions during orgasm. Great shoot; just not all my kink.

The Training Of O
Jul 5, 2007

Great trailer and a good advertisement for the site. I also recommend to put a link to the trailer on the TTOO site itself because it explains to new members what James' vision is.

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