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Comments made by wombat2

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Jul 8, 2012

Loved the freshness and candour of Tacori. And her bravery, which was supported very lovingly by Orlando. Thanks to you both for a great time!

Device Bondage
Jan 17, 2011

Anne Rice would be proud (IMHO) Lorelei Lee looks sinfully hot as a brunette!

Sex And Submission
Oct 5, 2010

Thankyou Juliette for bringing my Shirley MacLaine fantasies to life. And more! You are the goddess tou jour.

The Training Of O
Jul 24, 2010

Thanks to the heroic Tomcat the goddess Isis has been given her orgasmic due!

Fucking Machines
May 6, 2010

I have living proof, in the person of Bella, that the Renaissance artists were painting from life. My dear, Reubens and Botticelli (amongst others) salute you.

Apr 29, 2010

I can't but be thankful for the reference to the medieval torture of 'breaking on the wheel'. This was the proposed punishment of St Catherine, which was prevented by divine intervention. Thankfully the only price for the delicious Olga is her very evident pleasure, here. My dear young lady, you have made me a believer!

Nov 1, 2009

Mr Tom, that was gentle and caring. You could start a sex therapy practice. Tell me there isn't a market out there just waiting. Cowabunga! And thankyou Sasha for the shoot; (big platonic hug)

Fucking Machines
May 2, 2009

I find the comment by murnge objectionable. Scarlette, your tattoos are beautiful. To judge a person as being not "classy" because of skin art is narrow-minded. Whassat smell - Vanilla Panic?

Apr 24, 2009

What if Shirley Maclaine had done a shoot for Kink? Please bring her back! Maggie you rock!

Feb 16, 2009

I would draw attention to posts by BBLover that contravene, in my opinion, posting guidelines. Viz; use of the term "lezzies" is homophobic and offensive. Multiple postings of the same message. Of course, I defer to the judgement of the site staff.

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 8, 2009

At the end of the day, the real winner was Wrestling. Love a sports-commentator cliche. Ms Amber I thought you enjoyed Rd 4 almost too much (but how could I criticise when I would have done the same) Tia my dear I was so wanting to see you get your freckle punched. Bet you could crack walnuts with those tight buns! And those pesky willys can be hard to steer. I'm told that some models come with heat/wetness seeking capabilities. I salute you, noble viragos!

Ultimate Surrender
Feb 5, 2009

Hey rabbit2 its spelt 'eroticism' and for me there is plenty. I would hazard that the participants felt some arousal too. Cyd you are way hot and tough, the looks you were giving, like, "That all you got?". Love the sleeve skin art.

Wired Pussy
Feb 5, 2009

Trinity your skin flushes gorgeously. And She Who Laughs Most Fiendishly must bathe in ass's milk, like Cleopatra. Thanks and big hugs to you both!

Wired Pussy
Feb 3, 2009

Tia you're a joy to watch. Great bod and the heart of a lion. Love to see your next match. Darling, you had your work cut out for you and you went to it full throttle. Booyah!

Ultimate Surrender
Jan 23, 2009

I love because the hosts care about the models. Asking about limits, giving the models what they desire, establishing trust. I'd rather see an honest orgasm from a happy model. You want flesh puppets? Go elsewhere.

Wired Pussy