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Feb 12, 2014


Fucking Machines
Jan 14, 2014

Any reason there is no thumbnail, or I can't see the pics, or video thumbnails? And there are no pics anywhere I can find w/o a DL into iPod or Real? I thought everything was up to MP4 or WMV?

Behind Kink
Jan 4, 2014

I get Gateway timeouts

Sex And Submission
Jan 3, 2014

Loved it, but for some reason, I can't DL the movie (DL full movie.. seems to fail)

Sex And Submission
Apr 8, 2013

See you in the enema aisle! hahaha

Kink University
Oct 24, 2012

I can't believe I'm the first to post something about this EXTREMELY hot blonde Jessie. The fact that she's wearing stockings with built in garter... just put me over the top! Thank you FM!

Fucking Machines
Jun 29, 2012

hahaha, really, the dick blew the shoot for you? Wow, I'll take the f'machines anyway you can deliver it!

Fucking Machines
May 23, 2012

I've been a SJC fan for many years and this is a nice reprise... I'm not sure which was more entertaining, the shoot, or your comments about NOTE TO NON-GEAR.... hahaha, thanks, but I do know watching Sarah is always a true pleasure for me! Is she still doing shoots?

Device Bondage
May 7, 2012

I'm with JulieGhoulie... I love the nylons, and then to have it be Lorelei in them... like a wet dream come true. Only wished she used toys to get off, but I know what the site is, so it was still awesome! Thanks Lorelei!

Divine Bitches
May 5, 2012

I enjoyed it, and so did the kleenex! :) She's cute!

Fucking Machines
May 2, 2012

Just re-watched... my God she has a great body and an incredible looking pussy. I don't care if she's into posing.. it works for me! :)

Fucking Machines
May 2, 2012

GeezOpete... did you pluck her directly from my imagination? Holy cow is she sexy, hot, gorgeous, good lucking and what a great body!

Fucking Machines
Mar 18, 2012

That was a fun few hours of cleaning my pipes to this update! Thanks! Thank you Donna! BTW: In Firefox, the new Fmachines home pages, the PICS/MOVIES/TRAILER/ETC headers that you click on to get to each section, aren't visible unless you hover over them. These 2 women would be welcomed here at my place ANYTIME!

Fucking Machines
Feb 17, 2012

Ariel X.. if it were possible for a man to have a child, I would have yours! Oh, and I think you're smoking hot and incredibly sexy. Love the new you!

The Training Of O
Feb 15, 2012

Might I just throw my opinion... I'm not digging the new "splash screen audio" too harsh... but damn Charisma what an amazing body! Watching her cum is really magical. Thank you.

Fucking Machines