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Comments made by leon21

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May 30, 2007

nice to be second...nicer to watch this shoot. LOve the two in the pussy also, nice change.

Fucking Machines
May 22, 2007

Wow! My dick is so sore from watching this video. Lexi is awesome and I love the action. I agree with others here, probably the best shot in the past 6 months. My wife loved it to, which is great...keep up the top work from a fan from Down Under.

Fucking Machines
Oct 5, 2006

Well I didn't know my husband subscribed to this site until he left his comuter on to go a make coffee. Am I glad he did because Tomcat you have done a masterful job in bringing these two girls together. I never thought sex between tw women could be so raw and natural and goddam sexy at the same time using machines. These two are beautiful and have a natural chemistry that can't always be replicated on film. I love their scenes. I loved the first installment that I just found on my husband's hard drive and I gotta admit this was even better. The sex was natural and great to watch. Lindsay...what can I say about Lindsay other than that she is a very sexy woman indeed and one that I wish this site had more of. She has an amazing body, magnificent tits and appraoches each shoot with enthusiasm an a refreshing degree of energy. I can't rave enough about Dana. Wow, what a dynamo! I haven't really thought about women to women sex before but wow, I shall dream about you girls tonight ... and it'll be all good. I'd love to see a machine gang bang scene with lindsay. Three or four girls giving it to her every way possible. In fact, I'd pay money to fly from Sydney Australia and be on the set of that one. In fact, if given the chance I'd leave for husband for Lindsay in a heart beat. Go you good thing - I think I love you.

Fucking Machines
Jul 24, 2006

This was one of the best FM downloads I have made in recent times. I love the idea of simply picking up a newbie. I usually scan through the videos for the spank worthy material but I watched every second of this vid. It was a great idea, hot sex and Lindsey just loved it. I want to see these two hot chics at it again - this time in the sleazy hotel and banging each other sensless with machines. Bravo guys this edition is worth my subscription alone. More, more, more.

Fucking Machines
Apr 1, 2005

Man, I have read members complaining about the quality of movies on here recently, but you guys have really delivered on this shoot. The model is awesome, the set is great, the sex is fantastic and my dick is red raw from spanking it to this series of clips. Top work guys.

Fucking Machines