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Comments made by hedon62

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Dec 17, 2007

Wonderful shoot. She's a sweet, genuine, girl not acting or faking and hence much more sexy than some of the others.

Fucking Machines
Jul 17, 2005

A superb shoot with a gorgeous sexy girl having a great time. Love the cut to the shoe in the rocker scene - very arty! And nice to hear a lady interviewer at the start. Hedon62

Fucking Machines
Jan 17, 2004

Sorry but this site is going downhill fast. Re. Kitty, in March 2001, you said "Girls are specifically asked not to act. All orgasms and any reaction they have to the machines are real" - which was surely a big plus. Does this still apply? I ask this more than a bit rhetorically in the light of some over dramatic performances of late, with girls who seem to be trying to out-do Meg Ryan in the faking-it stakes. Much better to accept that not all girls at all times will have spectacular orgasms than to present artificial and stagey scenes, because when they do really enjoy themselves the fun of watching them is amazing. And the site would be much better with fewer PORNSTARS and more 'amateur' girls.

Fucking Machines
Aug 28, 2003

Well done Tuesdae! You're a girl with some personality who is obviously enjoying herself. Such an improvement on the pseudo-climaxing pornstars.

Fucking Machines
Mar 7, 2003

Fantastic shoot. A gorgeous girl having a genuinely great time - what more can you want?

Fucking Machines
Nov 6, 2002

A very sexy girl who is obviously enjoying herself.

Fucking Machines
Nov 5, 2002

Great shoot - she's obviously enjoying herself

Fucking Machines