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Comments made by flubbertje

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Feb 23, 2011

whow, very intens , and lovely girl. She's like a waterfall on that sofa, please let me lik it off, and her too.....

Fucking Machines
Nov 10, 2010

O, Yes this was great !! Super squirt girl, it's like a river !! Nice to see her having fun with it.

Fucking Machines
Oct 27, 2010

Very nice, love to see her taking it so deep with the drildo Good looking girl,she must work out a lot too, look at those legs, (and what's between them) ;-P

Fucking Machines
Sep 30, 2010

That was too loud for me, sorry .

Fucking Machines
Sep 19, 2010

Oh, Yes this was very nice, lovely ass shaking and fucking. Love to watch her squirt like that, I would'nt mind to lik her when she's squirting !

Fucking Machines
Aug 27, 2010

Realy hot stuff(inn) Felony is in love with Isis........look how she's looking at Isis !

Everything Butt
Jun 9, 2010

Does'nt do it for me, no chemistry between them.

Fucking Machines
Mar 29, 2010

Amazing shoot! I realy loved to see her come and having fun at it.(brings not only a smile on my face...) ;-) Don't apologies when you'r pushing the dildo out, Its fairly common to do that Veronica ;-) I thought it was very annoying that in the beginning there where some shots out of focus! Fortunaly it was getting better at the end, with a lot of close ups who were crisp (thanx cameraman) Can't wait to see the next episode, good work Tomcat

Fucking Machines
Mar 24, 2010

She is realy nice, lovely body and nice lips.... Looks she's having fun and th� t's wat it's all about !

Fucking Machines
Feb 21, 2010

Oh yes, again those stupid vingernails. I can't understand what people see in them...? Sorry T.C.

Fucking Machines
Feb 20, 2010

Oh, my god !! What a great body !! I love to see her again, it was facinating to see her for the first time on camera and on the machine's. Love you Jynx A'Maze(ing)

Fucking Machines
Feb 17, 2010

Love her body and face , nice feet and nice dripping cunt when she was comming of the machine, Yes ! But I hate those vingernails ! It's an distraction , and I wonder if she doesn't hurt herselve with those hooks ?

Fucking Machines
Jan 13, 2010

O, yes this was great ! She has a great natural body and flexible too. Loved to see her come and work the dildo's. I'am also a barefoot lover especially when she has nice toes and feet ;-) My complements for the unconstrained way the shoots are taken, I love the way you talk to the girls before and after the action.(I hope that it is genuine) Thanks Alexis and Tomcat

Fucking Machines
Nov 28, 2009

clamp these tits

Fucking Machines
Oct 25, 2009

I loved how surprised she was by her squirting, and how she giggled about it. Great girl with a lovely body, nice to watch her having fun! Thats always a big turn on for me, to see that the girl is having fun in what she's doing. Thanks T.C

Fucking Machines