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Comments made by cursed600

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Jan 3, 2008

ok,first things first,what the hell is it with everyone wanting to post first? I dont understand can someone please enlighten me? 2nd tomcat this is much better although I feel it is necessary to amend my comments from the last update,I like the overall results in shoots where YOU are the one doing the tieing up,for me bringing in a model that plays a more dom/sub role is a turn off. 3rd hhj169 i agree with you its a turn on to watch that "blossoming" reguardless of what she said i am thinking she enjoyed the bunnyfucker the most she just kept going back for more so it had to be good, and last but not least TC nice job,do you have a new cameraman? those were tighter angles and more close-ups than in the past,but it could very well be just me,good job and keep them cumming

Fucking Machines
Dec 30, 2007

holy shit posted comments for 4 YEARS!!!???!!! i think you need to take the hint and bring her back if she generated this much response!!!??!! 4 FUCKING YEARS?!>?! the whole notion of a faked abduction was a very good angle perhaps a remake?????with a twist???c'mon Tomcat lets see you give it a shot

Fucking Machines
Dec 28, 2007

thanks for the response TC i am looking forward to next week,my comments weren't intended to offend anyone i just enjoy watching the machines extract a multitude of orgasms out of all these beautiful women,i just dont find slapping zapping,or spanking at all erotic,its just a major turn off but i could not help myself i had to watch the first 3 clips just to see Sara thanks again

Fucking Machines
Dec 27, 2007

ok tomcat i really like sara and i am sure she really gets into this but it destroyed my image of her i liked her better when it was just her and the machines,this is still FUCKINGMACHINES>COM right?? this bondage bullshit has to go. Sara you are still hot as hell and i will still be a fan of anything you do but this i just could not sit through, Tomcat,you can do better I know i have seen it,you need to get back to what made this site,just 1 model and the machines,I am sure it has its difficulties but this is what put you at the front of the pack,and please no more PRO level bondage,i am truly sorry for the rating but the bondage is what put it there

Fucking Machines