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Sep 11, 2008

I think Annie is incredible. I simply can't believe how many people on these forums are so ignorant about the female anatomy. I get so turned on watching a girl squirt in fact, I just learned how about two years ago. I, too, was skeptical whether it was urine or female ejaculate. Before a long squirt session, I empty my bladder completely. Then, after fucking myself, I squirt copious amounts of ejaculate, much like Annie. Thing is, I can fuck myself for hours this way, and I have in the bath tub. LOL. Somedays I don't even leave the house due to these prolonged self indulging fuckfests. I have done much research on it, so I know it's not urine. Moreover, if it were merely urine, I would not be lying around my house all day hitting my gspot. I certainly do not derive pleasure from peeing! And, the fluid is nothing like urine, although, due the nature of the glands, there is trace amounts of urea in the fluid. The gspot is yet another reason why females are sexually supeior to men, because we can cum clitorally, vaginally via gspot, and in the ass. Moreover, women can have multiple orgasms, in greater frequency and succession than men. Truly, women are better suited for sheer sexual pleasure, mens' bodies have a more utilitarian purpose. Anyone that posts that is it urine are clueless, Annie! I am intrigued by your intelligence, too. Rock on, Annie, and never stop squirting!

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